Friday, September 26, 2008

Coleus Day!

Two weeks ago tonight, the Atlock Farm crew was wondering if the clouds and rain would banish themselves – and they did. A rainless, though quite humid, Coleus Day on September 13 brought out a couple of hundred attendees. Here are some pictures of the happy crowd who helped make the day a big success.

By the way, I didn’t take these pictures - I was going nonstop for all six hours, meeting and greeting and spreading the good word about coleus. Not wanting to miss out on capturing the moments, I asked a good friend of mine to take some shots with my camera. If you’re in one of these pictures and I haven’t identified you, please contact me at I’d like to meet you and introduce you to the rest of the audience.

Ken Selody, owner of Atlock Farm, “rang up” quite a few enthusiastic customers.

Here I am – on the left – getting ready to sign a copy of my book for two fellow coleophiles.

Greenhouse #60 showcased about 120 different, photo-worthy coleus that drew the crowds in.

Andrea Filippone’s daughters loved Myrtle the Wondercat, but who wouldn't?

I would have included more photos, but the vertical shots were posted horizontally on the preview, and the very nice shot of Joy Andress, my new coleus pal, wouldn't upload.

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